Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Animation editing with sound

Ant has slow low the first scene and so we have re-do the first part, however we are not sure which one is better so we have done two version and bring it back tomorrow.We have also add the sound in.

Normal version

Slow version

Animation edited without sounds

We have edited the animation together with different camera shots render in  all scenes and also the fade in and out with the sunlight changing.But in scene4, there should be another render to show the spike sneeze out and attack to the hyena and it is rendering at the minute and once that is finish, we will edit it all together.

Scenes editing-sunlight

These are the scenes we have edited for the sun light as well from day to night.


This is the render for scene2 .

DVD Cover Designs

Scene 1 Playblasts

Blind Badger Logo re-design

Monday, 8 December 2014


This is scene2 that we have animated and we have create two camera shots and edit together for the

Scene 4 Playblasts.

Here are the playblasts for our final scene.

Friday, 5 December 2014

Scene 02 - take 1 playblast

This is the first half of the scene animated, I need to go in and finesse the animation to make it bit smoother with the transitions but overall I think it is working.

Thursday, 4 December 2014

Narrative_ scene1 playblast

We have animate the snake and put it together , alsoWe have animated the sun and  roughly change the colour in after effects to make it look like a day from the morning to the evening.

Snake animation test

Alan helped us to use a better way to animate the snake. In stead of using nonlinear deformers, We create the rig for the snake and a curve path it can follow. We have rebuilt the vertexes so the curve look more smooth and even.

This is the test render that We have animated and will bring it to the environment scene.

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Render: Proportion of characters

Snake model, textured and animated

This is the snake we made for the scene when the hyena was scared by it . It is just really simple model  follow by the drawing by Ant and because there is not much detail about him during the animation.We have textured it and animated it as a linear deformer.
We have tried to model it from a CV curve but it wont be animated well , so we re-model it to straight.

This is the animated test of the snake.

Fruit modelling, UV mapping and texture shader

We have modelled it in a simple shape.
 UV mapping

 Texture it, and keep the leaves with the same texture as the tree to match them .
We have also put a layered shader .

Environment texture refined

We have changed the colour of the background to make it more like a sky and give depth of the scene. we have also put the sun backward, and create the mountain at the back to make it more wide.

Props UV and textured

This is our props for narrative.

Thursday, 27 November 2014

Porcupine Textures.

We've played around with our characters textures to make them more natural looking.

UV Texture Maps:

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Environment Textured with character in progress

Ruby suggested to try have an outline for the character to stand out from the background and we have added a Toon outline and refine the colour. We have also to change the sun to be more glower than it was.

But we all think that it looks better to render them without the outline.

Hyena texture during the weekend

This is my hyena texture at this stage, We have tested with different colour and texture because of the scene and the character who is silly and crazy.But after we discussed it , we are not really sure about the texture, we are going to change it to more simple.

Porcupine textured

  To make it more out standing, We used brighter colour and texture it more in cave painting style.

For the spike , We are going to create a proper texture to show more details for the character.
This is a test render to bring the porcupine to the scene at this stage. It still need to re-do the grass and sun.