Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Post Tutorial 14/10/2014

We came away from our tutorial knowing that we have to find a base to place our sketches on, as at the moment we seem to be taking from what we already know; Alan said its more down the Disney route. As a group we sat down and decided that we want to base our entire animation on African Art crossed with Cave Paintings.

Taking a look back on the influence maps we had already created we decided to see how we could incorporate these with our own style to make our Characters and Environment relate more to Safari. We want to have pattern as a main focus which will be combined with the cave painting style of drawing but with the African art's bright bold yellows, reds and oranges.

Ruby - From this I came up with a few very quick sketches using basic shapes but keeping our own style of drawing still in there. We like the idea of having the traditional cave painting style outline but with cartoon features on each for instance the eyes or mouths.

Candice- As we are going for still camera animation with 2 D  painting background of the day and night, I have looked at the environment and colours that we want for our animation. And by the image I have researched on,This is the environment thumbnails I have drawn before the tutorial and after that I am thinking to create a African patterns for the background rather than just a safari so it gives more context of Africa.
Also I have looked at the stage design of the Lion King musical which really inspired me of simple shape and plain background but different texture will bring a good quality to the work. 

Were taking the pattern influence from something known as 'Tinga Tinga', based more around young children; we like the way pattern and colour is used amongst the African Safari setting.


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