Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Tutorial -07.10.2014

After the week we have spent to develop our ideas, we have brought out different ideas on the porcupine. We have summed it up all together by selecting and deleting different parts. This is the story we have come to at this stage.

A old, slow porcupine walking on a sill camera scene from day and night by following the glow bud/ something distract him with his directions. There is a hyena longing to eat him using different solution which comes more and more silly at the end, every time the hyena try to attack him, he gets more hurts. This could gain more contrast on the hyena character of slapstick comedy style. And the hyena made to do one last chance to eat the porcupine by climbing to the branches to get him while the porcupine get the glowing bud and eat it and make him sneeze/ attack him to pour out his spikes. 

After the tutorial, we knew that we are going to a good direction as we have defined our story concept, the reward at the end and also the character designs. We have been suggested to build deeper the contrast for the character on fast verse slow, strong verse weak , to give a graduating progression to push the animation to an extreme so we could establish the un-expectation of the audiences. Alan has also suggested us to use props like long grass and tree to create more content and information to the audiences. Also the porcupine of how to make him defend himself to pour the spikes. In this case, we are going to research on the characteristic that we can find in real people's life, as a references of how we approach the characters to audiences.

On the other hand, we have look at few African art, cave painting and patterns for our style concept, with simple background but a colourful characters in the front scene. The influence maps below are some of our researches after the tutorial.

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